TalkLikeCrazy - TEDxDubbo

TalkLikeCrazy - TEDxDubbo

Friday September 23 2011

This is pretty special..

I was honoured to be invited by David and Andrew Ward to their FACETS forum, which doubled as a TEDx event in Dubbo.

I've been watching TED talks for a number of years and never thought I'd have anything worth adding myself. It seems I was wrong. I was lucky enough to share the stage with some of the most down-to-earth and intelligent people residing in Australia and my eyes were opened wide to the environmental problems the agricultural industry is currently facing, particularly the carbon dilemma.

I was essentially the light relief to the day's proceedings and I did my best to be interesting. I must admit, I struggle to watch it without cringing, but I got most of the story across, so it's not so bad.

Feel free to throw tomatoes at your computer screen if you're dissatisfied with my talk!

Still running.. Still laughing..


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